Kim Kreutzer

Sensitives, HSP, Empath Coaching — Life & Business

“You’re too sensitive – you’re too emotional – you need to toughen up –
 get a thicker skin – just let it go!”

Sound familiar?

Let me just set the record straight…
You’re NOT ‘too’ sensitive
despite what you may have been told or have come to believe.

 Your sensitive nature is a GIFT waiting to be understood, embraced and developed for the highest good of all – allowing you to share the full expression of your innate depth, wisdom and insight in both
life and business.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) myself, I deeply understand that being sensitive comes with its own set of challenges and gifts.  A first step toward thriving in life, business and relationships is to understand and accept your sensitive trait, create a plan to manage the challenges, but at the same time, explore and nurture your gifts.

This is where coaching can be so valuable.

Working with a sensitive coach to help you tune into your own inner guidance – your gift of sensitivity – is an extremely effective means of support.   As you create a life where you feel more fully supported, you will be able to honor the power and value of your sensitivity, while being inspired and excited to share your precious gifts with the world. 

As your coach, I can help you:

  • Elevate your confidence levels
  • Create the life you want to live
  • Move past fear, doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Connect to your inner guidance – your innate depth, wisdom, insight
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Learn to create healthy boundaries and the ability to say ‘no’
  • Come out from hiding and/or isolation to reveal the authentic you
  • Learn to find your voice and comfortably speak your truth
  • Explore your gift of high sensitivity
  • Discover how to thrive, not just cope
  • Create calm, releasing the overwhelm
  • Learn how to make yourself a priority - the art and practice of self-care
  • Live with expansive possibilities

You don’t have to travel this journey alone – I’m here to support and guide you.
  I will help you move beyond fear, doubt and limiting beliefs
to discover who you really are, what’s important to you, what you want
and a clear path to achieve it. 

It’s time.
Time to live YOUR life.



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Personal DevelopmentCreate a Purpose-filled Life 25 credits
60 min. Discount: 0%.
Are you living the life you know you’re meant to live? Do you know – really know – what you want in life? Do you know what you’re here to do, what you’re unique gifts are and how to use them to create and live your life on purpose? Clarity creates magnetic resonance. I will help you – clarify what you really want / create clear intent, aligned with your values / establish priorities / take effective action / enjoy positive outcomes. Your best life, the one you truly want to live, is within reach.
Life CoachingLife Coaching for HSPs/Sensitives 25 credits
60 min.
How has your life been impacted by your sensitivity? What challenges are you trying to move through? Understanding yourself through the view of your sensitive trait is powerful. Many areas may be explored and developed in these sessions -- increasing confidence and assertiveness / developing self-acceptance / managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm / releasing limiting beliefs / handling conflict / practicing self-care / dissolving self-judgment / creating healthy boundaries / or ...
EntrepreneurshipThe Sensitive Entrepreneur 25 credits
60 min. Discount: 0%.
Have you lived your life not sharing ‘all’ of you; not expressing all of who you are for fear of rejection or judgment? That is not an uncommon strategy for many people but it can be especially true for sensitive people. As an entrepreneur this can be a challenge because you have to learn to stand out when you’ve lived a life of trying to fit in. Being a successful entrepreneur requires marketing and social connection. The empathy-driven economy requires authentic communication and connection. Discover how to authentically share your message and the fullness of your expression. The more authentic and transparent you are, the more your audience will resonate with you and be able receive all the value and service you are offering.

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